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Advances in Psychotherapy and Personal Medicine are happening at a dazzling rate.

I see my role as integrating cutting-edge Neuroscience Research for evolving the future of Psychotherapy.

Ernest Rossi



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Psychosocial Genomics, Epigenetics & Bioinformatics

The New Neuroscience of Psychotherapy

2008 Hillgard Award for best Theoretical Paper!
The Future Orientation of Constructive Memory: An Evolutionary Perspective on Therapeutic Hypnosis and Brief Psychotherapy. (2008)

The Deep Psychobiology of Psychotherapy: Towards a Quantum Psychology of Mindbody Healing (2001-2008)

The new neuroscience school of therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation. (2006)

Expectations of hypnosis future: A new neuroscience school of therapeutic hypnosis, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation. (2007)

What is a Suggestion? The Neuroscience of Implicit Processing Heuristics in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. (2007)

The Neuroscience of Observing Consciousness & Mirror Neurons in Therapeutic Hypnosis. (2006)

The Memory Trace Reactivation and Reconstruction Theory of Therapeutic Hypnosis: The creative replaying of gene expression and brain plasticity in stroke rehabilitation. (2005)

Hypnosis and Ultradian Cycles (1982) needs link

Psychosocial Genomics of Therapeutic Hypnosis & Rehabilitation

A Pilot Study of Positive Expectations and Focused Attention via a New Protocol for Optomizing Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Assessed with DNA Microarrays: The Creative Psychosocial Genomic Healing Experience.  The Journal of Sleep and Hypnosis.

Prospects for Exploring the Molecular-Genomic Foundations of Therapeutic Hypnosis with DNA Microarrays. (2005/2006)

The Bioinformatics of Integrative Medical Insights: Proposals for an International PsychoSocial and Cultural Bioinformatics Project (2006)

The ideodynamic action hypothesis of therapeutic suggestion: Creative replay in the psychosocial genomics of therapeutic hypnosis. (2005)

The Genomic Science Foundation of Body Psychotherapy. (2004)

Stress-Induced Alternative Gene Splicing in Mind-Body Medicine. (2004)

Gene Expression and Brain Plasticity in Stroke Rehabilitation: A Personal Memoir of Mind-Body Healing Dreams. (2004)

The Bioinformatics of Psychosocial Genomics in Alternative and Complementary Medicine. (2003)

Gene Expression, Neurogenesis, and Healing: Psychosocial Genomics of Therapeutic Hypnosis (2003)

A Bioinformatics Approach to the Psychosocial Genomics of Therapeutic Hypnosis (2002)

Psychosocial Genomics: Gene Expression, Neurogenesis, and Human Experience in Mind-Body Medicine. (2002)

Jung’s Synthetic or Constructive Method Updated

Creativity and the Nature of the Numinosum: The Psychosocial Genomics of Jung’s Transcendent Function in Art, Science, Spirit, and Psychotherapy.  (2005)

Sacred Spaces and Places in Healing Dreams: Gene Expression and Brain Growth in Rehabilitation. (2002)

Co-Creative Dynamics of Dreams, Consciousness and Choice. (1998-2002)

Symptom Path to Enlightenment:  Psychobiology of Jung’s Constructive Method. (1997-2002)

Psyche, Soma and Gene Expression. (2000-2002)

Numinosum and the Brain:  Weaving Thread of Consciousness. (2000-20002)

Identify Creation from Mind to Gene. (1999)

Art, Beauty, Truth & the Creative Process

Art, Beauty & Truth: The Psychosocial Genomics of Consciousness, Dreams, and Brain Growth in Psychotherapy and Mind-Body Healing. (2004)

Einstein’s eternal mystery of epistemology explained: The four stage creative process in art, science, myth, and psychotherapy. (2005)

What is Life:  From Quantum Flux to the Self. (1992-2002)

Feigenbaum Scenario as a Model of the Limits of Consciousness Information Processing.  (1998)

The Feigenbaum Scenario in a Unified Science of Life and Mind. (1997)

The Unseen Order of the Self-Organizing Psyche. (1995-2002)

Towards Math Models of Therapeutic Hypnosis and Healing? (2000)